What Do I Get?

Yearly access to one 60 x 60ft Campsite on over 465 acres of private wilderness
Get year round access to your site! Plenty of space to park the car, boat, camper, add a few tents, gazebos, tables, chairs, BBQ, etc.​Our guests can ever put up fences and barriers to keep their pets safe.​You can even grow a garden if you like.​There's not many things you can't do with these large sites. Plus our guests will have access to all the events free of charge.

How Much Is It?

6000.00 CAD + HST = 6,780.00 (CAD) per site. FLASH SALE! Those who reserve their site before Dec 8th 2020 will get a 2 year lease for the price of one!

Is This Available Only For Canadians?

No! It is open to anyone in the world over the age of 30.

Why The 30+ Age Limit?

Because this is a place where people are going to have a lot of freedom to drink and smoke weed. We are hoping by having a mature crowd that our guests are going to be mature and responsible enough to know their "limits". Basically, we don't want to be babysitting people :)

What Am I Allowed To Put On My Site?

You can set up tents,yurts,bubbles and or domes. We don't judge. Glamping is cool too! You can build make shift cabins,sheds and fences for storage or for the dog(s). Just nothing permanent. You can grow food, cannabis, flowers in a make shift garden if you want. BBQ and campfires are allowed as long as there is a "no burn" bylaw in affect. You can also store your boat and/or vehicles on your site.

Are There Washrooms or Showers?

Portable Toilets will be made available on every lot. There are no showers available. The only two options you have is either bathe in the river or bring a portable shower (50-80 bucks on amazon).

How Many People Am I Allowed To Bring?

You are allowed to bring 3 extra people at any given time.We just need their names and one piece of ID. Plus they will need to have signed an NDA before any disclosure of on your part. If you want the option to bring more people, You are allowed 4 more at an additional one time cost of $1000.00 (+HST) per person.

Can I Lease More Than One Site?

Absolutely. Depending on availability though.

Why A Yearly Lease?

A Few Reasons: 1. We want the same people coming up so our guests can build relationships and not have to worry about who their neighbour is going to be next weekend. 2. When you lease a property, the governement can't stop you from going to YOUR property. 3. We don't want a whole bunch of random people knowing where we are. And if we allow weekend renters, the privacy becomes comprimised. Nobody wants that.

Can I Bring Pets?

Absolutely! There are no leash laws and you have to clean up after them. But if your pet is involved in any type of altercation with someone or other animals, the dog won't be allowed up again. You can even build them a fenced in area for extra safety. Up to you.

Why Are No Kids Allowed?

Many reasons. But the most important is... We are in the wilderness and too many things can happen that would cause them harm or even... you get the idea. Nobody wants that. When come here, you will agree it's not a place for kids.

What Are The Rules of The Land?

It's really simple.... DO NO HARM! Do no harm to the property, the animals, other people, etc. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE Breaking these very simple rules will result you lease being canceled with no refund. BUT! That's not gonna happen, right?

What Vehicles Can We Use?

ATVs (To transport boats, wood or cargo), Snowmobiles are totally welcome in the winter. No off roading trucks unless being used for towing or a delivery.

What Kind of Boats Am I Allowed?

Canoes Kayaks Small Motor (6-9Hp) Aluminum Small Hunting boats & dinghies There is no boat launch on the property.

Can I Bring Any Firearms?

No, but knives and bows are allowed for protection.

Can I Hunt On The Property?

No. The animals on the property are friends, not food.

Can I See The Property Before Leasing?

Unfortunately no. We have to protect our guests' privacy. All of our guests had to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements before knowing and coming onsite.. Feel free to ask as many questions as possible during the appointment so you feel comfortable before making a decision.

Why The Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Because we are more than just a campsite. We will be throwing events like The Burning Beaver & The Festival of Sins. These are going to be epic events! When people are "partying" and letting loose they can become "vulnerable". We don't want our guests worried that if they say or do something whilre under the influence, that it's going to end up on the internet and ruin their life.

Money Back Guarantee!

Because you have to purchase your site first before accessing it. We have a 30 day cancellation policy. If you come and don't like it for whatever reason, you get a full refund. Minus the HST and any/or bank transfer fees. The 30 day trial takes effect from your first site visit.

Can My Guests Use The SIte When I'm Not There?

Yes, if it's one of the people you already submitted to us at the beginning. We will need, one Photo ID and they must sign an NDA before prior use. Also, you are responsible for them. If they screw up and break the rules, they will be removed and your lease will be terminated immediately, with zero refund. Plus any removal of your stuff will be done at your expense. But that won't happen, right?

How Far Away Is It?

If you were to drive from Pearson Airport or Downtown Toronto, it would take between 3.5 to 5hrs depending on traffic.

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