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Who can join La Trao Xtra?

Any individual or external service in care or youth care is enabled to sing in. The only two conditions are that candidates enter voluntarily and that participation is part of a counseling process. In other words that there is already a kind of assistance prior and following the La Trao Xtra program.

Why is an counseling process essential?

The formula guarantees a intense experience, but is mainly a time-out. The host family is experienced with (adult) volunteers and has an affinity with youth and youth care, but are no coaches nor therapists. What comes in motion duiring the time-out can partly be taken in account during the coaching sessions, but the intrinsic value of La Trao Xtra must be acquired in the accompanying counselling sessions after the program.

What is expected from the participant ?

Some degree of reflection (being able to formulate goals and estimations about themselves in perspective of the program, willingness to engage in online coaching sessions) and independency (outward en return journeys are prepared, but carried out indvidually). No prior knowledge or skills are required, all taks are learned on the spot. Affinity with manual labor and caring for animals, as well as being able to deal with the lack of luxury and entertainment, are essential for the success of the time-out.

What about the place to stay?

The participant stays with a Flemish man and his Italian girlsfriend, who are developping an self-sufficient farm (vegetable cultivation) near the mountains of Portugal. The location is remote en the living conditions are very basic. The language used on the premises is English.

What if something goes wrong?

La Trao is permanently in contact with both participant and host family. A Flemish former social worker is stand-by on the spot in case of emergency. If necessary, we travel to the location in the short term. In extreme situations, the program can be aborted and the participant be sent home. In that case, we do withdrawl the guarantee to recover the extra costs.

what about coaching?

During the program the ongoing counselling is suspended and temporary replaced by coaching from La Trao. This is done by telephone and onlins skype contacts, in a varying frequency (at least once a week) and setting (sometimes individually, sometimes in combination with the host family). Direct contacts between the participant and the external service are limited to a minimum and form part of the agreements that are made during the assignment. La Trao maintains in contact with the external service and is permanently accessible to them.

What about the context?

The need for distance from the context (in whatever sense) is often one of the reasons for choosing a time-out. However, an important objective usually remains the avoidance of a real break. The nature (telephone calls, online skype, on-site visits) and frequency of contact between the participant and his/her context are part of the admission interviews. During the program La Trao is permanently accessible for the context.

How do you get to participate in La Trao Xtra?

A first interview, with explanation of the program and answering questions of the candidate (and external service), is entirely without obligation. Only after relection time and a clear 'go' from all parties involved, we will start the initiation process. This series of conversations includes clearing the objectives, estimating strengths & weaknesses, making agreements om the use of telephone and internet, doing an online application interview with the host family, preparing the journey, and signing the client agreement with all parties (candidate, context, external service).
Unless an emergency procedure is necessary, all this takes about four weeks time.

How much does La Trao Xtra cost?

Thanks to our CSR program* we can reduce the price of La Trao Xtra, but the costs are still rather high. Candidates from a residential setting can supply to a large extend with their daily allowance. Additional funds remain necessary, however. The exact modalities are subject to negociation.

How long does La Trao Xtra takes ?

The program initially lasts for four weeks. An earlier return is not an option. On agreement of all parties, the program can be extended by one week at a time, up to a maximum stay of eight weeks.

*Corporate Social Responsability
   Companies that subscribe to a La Trao Business program automatically pay an extra amount to support La Trao care programs as
   La Trao Classic, La Trao Junior and La Trao Xtra.

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