La Trao Classic

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Duo trip abroad in a not-always-receptive environment with various challenges
and a daily reflection moment with a coach.

  • Adolescent (14 to 21 years old, w / o) with a meaningful, adult, contextual person, chosen by the youngster.

  • Two adult context figures in a meaningful mutual relation

  • Couples.

  • Healthy relationships for whom a joint adventure can have a strengthening impact.

  • Creating additional opportunities for improvement of distorted relationships by means of participants distancing themselves from their daily situation, not having loopholes.

  • Ambivalent relationships can be cleared up for the future by means of an intensive focus.

8 days

Annual, first or second week of the Easter holidays.

La Trao Classic. Duo-tocht in het buitenland voor jongeren met een contextfiguur en koppels.
La Trao Classic

Hoogstraat 98 - bus 10
8800 Roeselare

0032 51 75.53.04

La Trao is de ondersteuningsmodule
van  vzw Onze Kinderen