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Who can join a Trao Classic / Junior?

Both programs are reasonably accessible. Everyone can sign up as a potential participant. The only two conditions are that the participants enter voluntarily and that participation is part of an aid process; a form of assistance must exist prior to and following the La Trao program.

Why is an aid process essential?

During the program participants spend time together around the clock, both to carry out their assignments and to organize the daily life (eating, sleeping, etc.). There is little to no contact with other participants. Consequently a Trao formula is a very intensive period, needing follow-up by a third person (coach).

Do you have to be superman or superwoman to participate?

Assignments are never an end in themselves, but are a means for working together. Executing them correctly is secondary to the willingness to talk about the simultaneous process. The emphasis is not so much on the physical adventure, but rather on the mental challenge. Assignments are feasible, never competitive and limited. A basic physical condition, the ability to experiment with roles and a willingness to reflect are, however, necessary.

Why do you not provide information about the destination or the assignments?

Both participants being ignorant about destination and assignments means they start on an equal footing with each other. Being unable to anticipate what’s going to happen next also requires them to stay in the present moment.

What do you mean by focusing on here and now in the circumstances?

Participants may not bring their mobile phone, music player, tablet, laptop or own money. Removing these familiar loopholes contributes to the focus on the here and now and the interaction within the duo / family. A new assignment each day is the only thing the participants are engaged in, and is reinforced by the input of the coaches.

Why do you choose a destination abroad for La Trao Classic ?

In any program, we look for locations beyond the habitat of the participants. In La Trao Classic we deliberately choose a foreign destination and more particularly a region where language and culture are very different from ours. Differences in the duo are thereby perceived as less significant compared to those with the outside world, which has a positive effect on the attachment between the participants.

Why is there Coaching during a Classic / Junior?

Coaching moments are complementary to the assignments and objectives during the process and ensure that what is happening does not go unnoticed. These daily consultations represent one of the few predictable elements of the program, take about one hour and are held on location. This can be in a hotel room as well as on a bench in the park or during a walk.

What is a 'blank' coach and why this choice?

A 'blank' coach is someone who has no history with the duo or the family and has no knowledge of their file. This allows everyone involved to start the program with a clean slate and an open mind. In addition, participants and coaches are connected by this not knowing.

How do you get to participate in a La Trao Classic / Junior?

After the registration a non-binding information session is organized, either at the referral service, at the client's home or in the La Trao offices. During one or several introduction meetings common objectives are determined. After signing the agreement and paying the participation fee and guarantee the agreement is official.

How much does La Trao Classic / Junior cost?

The price depends on the selected program, but should never be an obstacle to participate.Thanks to our CSR program* we can somewhat reduce the participation fee for clients.The modalities are open to negotiation.

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*Corporate Social Responsability
Companies that subscribe to a La Trao Business program automatically pay an extra amount to support La Trao care programs as       
  La Trao Classic, La Trao Junior and La Trao Xtra.

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